Blether at Glasqow

21-11-2012:  Another good Blether - this time in Glasgow on the 20th November.  Among the attendees was a researcher into monetary policy and he advises that only with control over our own currency can Scotland consider itself to be an independent country. Contrary to general opinion the procedure for Scotland to have its own currency and co-exist with the pound sterling is a proven and secure process.

19-11-2012:   An interesting Blether at Inverness on the 17th November. Sandy Patience a director of FAL provided an update on the EU-CFP. He was convinced that the fishing industry would continue to decline as long as Scotland remained in the EU. His recommendation is to get out of the EU and join the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).  In EFTA we would be able to rebuild the fishing industry within some 5 to 7 years. Similarly, the farming industry could also be re-energised once we left the EU. Another topic led by Sue Lyons was Social Wellbeing. Sue provided personal insight and work experience of the significant levels of unemployment and the related problems amongst the younger generations. The discussions highlighted the need for support required by the unemployed in most of the smaller communities around the Highlands and Islands. There appears to be justification for the view that government money is not being focused in the most effective manner.   

17-11-2012:   The Aberdeen Blether was joined by two members from Kemnay Academy pupil council. The issues they raised for debate centred on funding for higher education and defence. From the debate on education funding came a suggestion for an alternative form of funding which entailed a new style of public service to provide for further education fees. Other debates were about vocational training and the need for alternatives to fund public infrastructure without generating public debt.

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