An Independent Country is one which is self-governing and in control of its own money (Currency and Taxation Policies).

Reference: “Chamber’s Compact Dictionary”


Today, Scotland is some 70% controlled by the European Union with the remaining control shared between the Westminster and the Scottish Governments. The Westminster government currently controls money in Scotland.


A Current Perception of the Political Parties in Scotland!


                                                               SDA       SNP       SGP       Lab/Cons


Full Independence                                   Yes         No         Yes           No

A Peoples Constitution                            Yes         No         Yes           No

More Use of Referendums                      Yes         No         Yes          No


Simple Low Taxation System                 Yes       No          Yes            No

Scots Currency System                           Yes       No                            No

Debt Free Public Infrastructure Capital  Yes       No                           No


Cost Effective Energy                             Yes       No        No             No

Trade Freeports                                       Yes       No                          No

More support for SMEs                           Yes     Yes        Yes            No


Citizens Income                                     Yes         No        Yes           No

Free Health Care                                    Yes        Yes        Yes           Yes

Free Life Skills Education                     Yes        Yes        Yes           Yes


Free World Trade                                   Yes        No                          No

Trade in Europe with EFTA/EEA          Yes        No                          No

Get out of restrictive EU                        Yes        No                          No


Security & Defence Policy                    Yes         No        No             No

Get rid of Trident                                   Yes        Yes       Yes             No

Referendum on NATO                           Yes         No       Yes             No


                                           Yes for Scotland


SDA- Scottish Democratic Alliance.

SNP-Scottish National Party.

SGP- Scottish Green Party.

Lab-UK Labour Party.

Cons- UK Conservative Party.