And We're Back - SDA is stronger and more determined to be an alternative National Party for Scotland

The SDA has now belatedly held its Annual General Meeting and has started a new chapter fully transitioning from a think tank to an active political party. Our meeting agreed to promote and instill in members an ethos that the SDA ascribes to the ideals of consensus, compromise, tolerance, openness, transparency, respect for others and a commitment to the party. Collectively the National Council were heartened by all of the positive responses and pleased to see that there is a renewed sense of optimism.

At the Annual General Meeting we reaffirmed our core beliefs.

1. Scottish Independence from the United Kingdom.
2. Scottish Independence from the European Union.
3. That the SDA draws it's common sense policies from both the left and the right.

Watch for more exciting news coming soon.


Annual General Meeting 2015

SDA-Badge-PhotoSaturday 28 February 2015 - 1300-1500

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

16 St. Mary’s Street Edinburgh EH1 1SU

You're Invited - Lapsed, former and potential new members are all welcome but should be reminded that only paid members are eligible to vote on SDA matters.  We will have a membership table to sign on new and renewing members on the day.  Join Us!

The Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue is based in St Mary’s Street – the heart of Edinburgh in the city’s beautiful historic Old Town, just off the Royal Mile and minutes from Waverley Station.

Members and Guests are all welcome however Members will take priority if space runs out. If you are not already a member please Join Us!

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The SDA in 2015

And a richt guid  2015 to all!

With 2014 now well and truly history, with its ups and downs like the highly successful Commonwealth Games and the contentious No result from the Referendum, folks' minds will inevitably turn to thoughts on what 2015 could bring for Scotland.

Foremost is how a strengthened nationalist party would perform in the coming General Election, with its chief opponents, who supposedly won the Referendum, in disarray and scoring very low in the polling stakes. Should the May vote see the Labour Party lose the bulk of its Scottish seats to the Nationalists, the prognosis has already been made by Iain Martin, a political analyst,writing in the Daily Telegraph, that that would spell the end of the Union. In the same vein and from the same stable, Liam Halligan, a leading economist, predicted another Referendum before too long. Both are staunch Unionists, but also sufficiently realistic to see the writing on the wall.

What occupies centre stage at the moment is of course the Smith Report and the only partial implementation of its recommendations. Those were basically the same as put forward in the Cullen report of 2008, but never acted upon. Why did Scotland need an expensive Referendum to bring us full circle here? If the current impasse continues unresolved beyond the May elections, the likelihood of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) by March 2016 by the Scottish Government, cannot be ruled out. Representing the sovereign will of the people of Scotland, they are in terms of the UN Charter fully authorised to call for a referendum, its voting from beginning to end to be monitored by the Council of Europe (CoE) and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), something the Westminster government was derelict in not doing so for the past one, considering its seriousness of potentially dividing an established state.

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