SDA Candidate Excluded from BBC Cowdenbeath Debate

JamesTrollandTo all members, National Council and supporters of the Scottish Democratic Alliance (SDA).

Be advised that with effect from 1pm 15th January, James Trolland, the leader of the SDA and the SDA candidate for Cowdenbeath has been advised that he is excluded from participation in the BBC's Brian Taylor's Cowdenbeath Debate.

As the SDA is the only party to be excluded from this Special By-Election Debate, this action by the BBC is both undemocratic and profoundly biased against a pro-independence party that was described by the P & J (June 4, 2013) as a "viable alternative to voters".

All candidates pay the same fee, and democratically, all should be entitled to the same opportunity to answer questions from constituents. This would contribute to providing Cowdenbeath voters with a more informed choice regarding the abilities of the candidate that they wish to represent them in Holyrood.


You can access the BBC Complaints system online at ; by phoning 03700 100 222 (24 hours, charged as 01/02 geographic numbers); or by writing to BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington DL3 0UR.

Campaign for Cowdenbeath By-election Launches

rosythlaunch2Today the Scottish Democratic Alliance launched its campaign for the Cowdenbeath constituency by-election. Candidate James Trolland opened office space in the Rosyth Business Centre for the campaign period. "It was good to be back in the area" he said mentioning his memories of being stationed at the naval base in his younger days. "Rosyth is a shadow of it's former self." said James. "We chose Rosyth as our campaign headquarters to highlight the SDA's plans to return the area as a major base for the Scottish Navy after independence which will surely bring real prosperity back to the constituency."

Successive Tory and Labour governments have steadily eroded this constituencies economic state. If Scotland wants to return to prosperity we'll need to do it ourselves without Westminster's 'benevolent' guiding hand. Scotland has what it takes to pick itself up and make itself the better nation it wants to be. That is the SDA's vision for Scotland.

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