Congratulations to the SNP for their Vision

Our thanks to the High Head Yins at the SNP for sharing with us their vision for Scotland’s Future.

But where is the sovereign Independence that the Independence Movement has worked for all these 80 long years?

Many Scots will feel let down by this proposal for another version of Devolution where unelected bureaucrats in Brussels control the majority of our laws and thus our sovereignty, a foreign bank controls our currency and the UK Border Agency manages our borders.

The current Scottish Government appear to want a mini UK with all its waste, inequality and out-dated ways of operation.

The Scottish Democratic Alliance offers a Viable Alternative Vision - advocating better ways of governing, funding and shared decision-making within a sovereign Independent country.

A future with our own Central Bank, our own currency [Scots Pound] and a monetary policy that enables new hospitals, schools and roads to be paid for with National Credit rather than incurring National Debt.

With simpler and more efficient tax systems [such as Flat tax that is now used by 42 other countries] - that will leave more money in the pockets of individuals and companies.

A Scotland, that trades Globally and in the European Economic Area without being a member of the undemocratic European Union - as do 170 other countries around the world.

A Scotland where we can build multiple Offshore Patrol Vessels on the Clyde to sustain jobs, and protect our homeland and our Exclusive Economic Zone.

Where we the people of Scotland, can determine our social and cultural future by means of a written Constitution. A Constitution, under which, authority will be de-centralised and devolved enabling more decisions to be made at local Burgh level.

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