Democratic Deficiency in Aberdeen Donside By-Election

459-ballot-box-boss-call-for-votersAn independently organised election forum (Hustings), due to be held on the 13th June, to provide local community members the opportunity to question candidates ahead of the Donside by-election on 20th June 2013 has had to be cancelled. Due to a strict implementation of the “no platform” policy by the major political parties.

The so-called “no platform” policy involves main political parties not interacting with organisations they deem to hold politically extreme views.

 This dictatorial action by the main political parties effectively denies community members of their democratic right to question candidates on their proposals on behalf of the community. This is a disgrace.

 In a democratic country the people should be able to question candidates on what they stand for. Not apparently in Scotland.

 The Scottish Democratic Alliance demand that the main political parties apologise, for their undemocratic behaviour, to the members of the Aberdeen Donside communities. Further the community should request the organisers, if it is possible, to re-instate the event for the 17/18th June 2013 to enable community members to question the candidates. Any main political party that does not wish to follow democratic practices should not attend.

SDA National Council in Donside Constituency

On Saturday 8th June the SDA National Council (NC) held their monthly review and planning meeting in the Dyce ward of the Aberdeen Donside Constituency.

Following the meeting, members of the National Council carried out door to door leafleting on behalf of the SDA candidate James Trolland. With almost 1000 leaflets distributed much of Dyce was covered - well done NC.

Vote SDA - Give James Trolland the opportunity to Challenge Alex Salmond.

SDA @ 2013 March & Rally for Independence

march rally image 2013The 2013 Rally for Scottish Independence, to be held on Sat, 21st September, is the second of three events to be held in support of Scottish Independence.

Last year,  a successful first March and Rally took place from The Meadows in Edinburgh to the iconic location of Princes Street Gardens where approx. 10,000 participants gathered to listen to key speeches and enjoy music from varied performers.

This year, the event will be held on top of Calton Hill in Edinburgh.  Currently negotiations are taking place for the route of the March to Calton Hill.

The SDA plan to participate this year and next.  Sign up to be a part of the SDA March & Rally through our Facebook Page under events here:
You can also find out more on the event throught their website and facebook page :

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